Abbreviations & Acronyms

A.A.anti-air (defenses)
A.I.artificial intelligence
ALCAAdvanced Laser-line Communications Array
ASDFAlban Self-Defense Forces
CSCCombined Service Chiefs
DESSDirectorate of Extraterrestrial Space Settlements
DPODepartment of Peacekeeping Operations
DSPDESS Security Police
DSSPDESS Special Security Police
EEFEarth Expeditionary Force
ESSEuropan Secret Service
GCIGalilean Counterintelligence
GFGuyane / French Guiana
GNIGendarmerie Internationale
HLVHeavy-lift Launch Vehicle
HEOHigh Earth Orbit
HMOHigh Mars Orbit
HUMITHuman Intelligence
ICBMIntercontinental Ballistic Missile
L1-L5Lagrange points 1-5, specifically those of the Terresphere; also expressed as L1 – L5
PKBPeacekeeping Base
PKCDPeacekeeping Corps of Dragoons
PKFFPeacekeeping Field Forces
PKSFPeacekeeping Space Forces
PKSFCPeacekeeping Space Flight Corps
SEL-#Sun-Earth Lagrange points 1-5; also expressed as SEL1 – SEL5
SFBSpace Forces Base
SFSSpace Forces Station
SJL-#Sun-Jupiter Lagrange points 1-5; also expressed as SJL1 – SJL5
SOIsphere of (gravitational) influence
STRECOMStrategic Resources Command
TRONTactical Reconnaissance/Observation Network