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“Turn F*cking Around!” | The Expedition Memoirs, June 2021

The shout came from down the trail, among the Jeeps, from which then emerged a bald, bearded man in a black t-shirt whom the other Jeepers called Angel came striding up the trail toward us and began barking orders and shouting about there being too many chiefs and not enough Indians, too many chefs in the kitchen — though I thought it strange since the conversation among the owner of the Frontier and Tacoma, the two motorcyclists, and the Jeepers had only just begun. He then started shouting for everyone to return to their vehicles and back up, shouting, “If you’re not going to help, get back in your vehicle and turn fucking around!” Those very words he directed squarely at me, standing in front of me midstride and pointing…


Top 10 Best 4x4s on the Market Today (2021)

Asked to make a recommendation on the purchase of a future 4×4 SUV, I put my notes to narrative, the results of which I present below. Keep in mind that these recommendations do not follow a scientific criteria, though I have attempted to balance the general utility and strength of the vehicle as an off-road or overland platform against necessary modifications and the overall lifespan of the vehicle, taking into consideration – very unscientifically – the opinions of those whose articles happen to appear on the front page of a Google search. The YouTube videos below are strictly for infotainment purposes.