This blog exists for the express purpose of getting some portion of my writings into circulation among potential readers.  Works of fiction and nonfiction coexist happily here, spanning a smattering of topics and genres – and yeah, even some fan fiction.

The name of the blog comes from a short story I wrote in high school, the premise of which involved an ideological civil war breaking out within the United States and that war’s consequences over the proceeding decade.  Based on the concept of imperium Romanum (literally “Roman power”) and the use of language in the acquisition and retention of power, I created the neologism imperium Americanum to define the role of the hypothetical successor state on the world’s stage. Hints of that story can be heard in allusions made to past events in 2100 CE.

I was trained as an academic in the classical tradition, with language training in Classical Latin and Attic Greek, and training in analytical research. I have a Bachelor of Arts in History (2009) and a Master of Arts in Art History (2015) from George Mason University, for which I authored a pair of theses in partial completion of the degree requirements. My graduate thesis examines the role of twins in the imagery and allocution of dynastic succession under Augustus, first emperor of Rome, in the perpetuation of his regime. You can read more on the subject, as well as my thesis in its entirety, here: There Can Be Only One.

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