This blog exists for the express purpose of getting some portion of my writings into circulation among potential readers. Works of fiction and nonfiction coexist happily here, spanning a smattering of topics and genres – and yeah, even some fan fiction.

I have a Bachelor of Arts in History (2009) and a Master of Arts in Art History (2015) from George Mason University. My graduate thesis is the culmination of my educational career, and it can be found here: There Can Be Only One. I departed academia in 2016 and presently occupy myself with my career training dogs and instructing their humans. I write in my spare time.

I was not born into the English language, and though I would like to believe I have done a passable job of mastering most of its rules and idiosyncrasies, it remains “a kind of family joke,” as Orwell put it, to which I am not necessarily privy. Therefore, it must go without saying (but said here all the same!) that typos abound! Indeed, much of the material here has been reread minimally once, and so it may retain some measure of its “rough draft.” Please feel free to send me an angrily-worded comment when you spot these errors so that I may fix them and appear less like a sixth-grader and more like an author.

My current project, 2100 CE : Chaosborne, represents the culmination of ideas which have been percolating in my mind since about 2003. It lies within the same universe of an earlier story I wrote that year entitled “Imperium Americanum,” which describes the events following the conclusion, in 2025, of a second American civil war, and the trajectory history takes from there through to the year 2035, encompassing the events of a relatively brief third world war. Its globe-spanning story only whet my appetite for a larger “space epic” on the scale of television series like 1998’s Cowboy Bebop and 1979’s Mobile Suit Gundam. Space operas of this kind are more easily produced visually than textually due in large part to the foreign nature of such contexts to the average reader/viewer. I have therefore relied heavily on the use of the historical (authoritative?) narrative in the construction of the universe/future of 2100 CE, a technique learned from Michael Crichton and honed by my educational training as a historian and teacher. In the same way I could more easily make out the Vikings in Eaters of the Dead than I could the world of 1984, I can only hope the historical narrative here has paid off for you, dear reader, so that the world of 2100 CE might seem … less confusing.

All of these excuses aside, it should go without saying that ultimately all errors in writing and egregious exaggerations in “personal style” are entirely my own. Please feel free to send me a smartass comment whenever you spot an error, or if can spot places where there is blatant reference to other media, also feel free to send me an equally smartass comment! Limit two smartass comments per day.


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